Clarinet Concerto No.2

II. Romanza (Andante)

Clarinet Concerto No. 2 Op.74 in Eb Major 2nd Movement by Carl Maria von Weber composed in 1811. Like all of Weber's clarinet works except for the Grand Duo Concertant, it is dedicated to Heinrich Baermann, who was soloist at the premiere.

The 2nd movement, by stark contrast in G minor, is reflective of Weber's many operas. With its operatic phrasing, this movement exhibits the rich tone of the clarinet. The clarinet melody has very expressive dynamics, often going from fortissimo to piano in the space of one bar. After the initial statement of the melody, the work moves into an orchestral section in G major which acts as a sort of extended dominant to C minor when the clarinet enters again. It is in the C minor section when we begin to see short note values which adds to a very operatic style.