Trumpet Concerto

3rd Movement

Composer : Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Title : Trumpet Concerto
Period : Classicism

Johann Nepomuk Hummel  wrote his  Concerto a Trombe Principale  (Trumpet Concerto in E Major) for Viennese trumpet virtuoso and inventor of the keyed trumpet  Anton Weidinger  (as had Joseph Haydn). It was written in December 1803 and performed on New Year's Day 1804 to mark Hummel's entrance into the court orchestra of  Nikolaus II, Prince Esterh as Haydn's successor. There are places, primarily in the second movement, where Weidinger is believed to have changed the music because of the execution of the instrument. It is unknown whether this was in agreement with Hummel. This piece is commonly requiered as concerto example for orchestral auditions.

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