Concerto | First Movement

For tenor, bass trombone and piano

SOLO I: Tenor Trombone | This Concerto for tenor trombone, bass trombone and orchestra was originally written for two tenor trombones and orchestra. This piece was commissioned by the Spanish Trombone Association (ATE) on the occasion of the International Trombone Festival 2015. It was premiered by Jörgen van Rijen (Principal Trombone of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) and Michel Becquet (professor of the Lyon Conservatory) together with the Valencia Symphony Orchestra. Juilliard Faculty Member Mr. Eric Ewazen once said about this piece "[...] Beautiful harmonies, georgeous orchestration and such lyrical lines. The shape of the entire piece was perfect". This composition has been performed by some of the best trombone players in the world such us Ian Bousfield, Yu Tamaki, Martin Schippers, Zachary Bond, Peter Steiner, Zoltan Kiss, among many others.