Finis Terrai

III. The last Adventure

Composer : Ricardo Mollá
Title : Finis Terrai
Period : 21st Century

Solo Trombone | Third Movement: The last Adventure

Finis terrai (a combination of the Latin term Finis Terrae, which means "The End of the Earth", with the acronym for Artificial Intelligence) a new concert for trumpet, trombone and orchestra dedicated to Esteban Batallán, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; and Alberto Urretxo, Principal Trombone of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. The central pillar on which the development and meaning of the piece revolves in none other than that of friendship. This, like any other form of love, is felt and cultivated especially during absences: "you don't know what you have until you lose it" expresses the well-known saying. This loss reveals its last inevitable incarnation with the cessation of life, because through this point and end we often realize the true feelings that are hidden behind a loved one. In fact, some of the greatest signs of love and friendship have been paradoxically expressed through the fiugre of loss or, leaving taboos aside, death: "[...] I do not forgive death in love, I do not forgive the discontented life, I do not forgive the earth or nothing [...]", said Miguel Hernández with his now eternal Elegy to his friend Ramón Sijé.